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MARS - Micro Automated Retail Stores

WithMe™ designs, builds and leases short-term omni-channel retail stores for brands and retailers across the world. We've partnered with some of the top global mall operators to offer our customers premium real estate locations that were once inaccessible to most.

Leases average 90 days and include a complete technology-driven store solution featuring; location, storefront, fixtures, POS, signage, support, staffing, insurance, and promotion.

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Key Features


Pre-configured micro stores come with everything you need, just add your product and branding


Premier, high-traffic shopping center locations with short-term leases averaging 90-days.

Rapid Setup

From reservation to final setup, we on-board your brand in weeks, not months.

Mars Network

WithMe - MARS NEtwork

Rotate to a new location in the WithMe store network every

90 days, or occupy multiple locations at once

  • WithMe - MARS
  • WithMe - MARS
  • WithMe - MARS

Location Types

Top Shopping Centers , Universities, Office Parks, Fitness Centers , Apartment Buildings.

All Units Include

Premium locations, High foot traffic areas, High-speed Internet, On-site security, Cleaning service.

Mars Models

MARS comes in four different pre-configured models ranging from 100-300 square feet. Prices start at

$8,000-$15,000 per month depending on the model and services selected.

  • WithMe - MARS Model A

    Model A

    Give shoppers the ultimate experience in this large micro storefront, including a smart dressing room, dispensing system, and customer lounge.

  • WithMe - MARS Model B

    Model B

    This spacious storefront is built specifically for apparel retailers by including a smart dressing room alongside a sales floor. Perfect for any size brand.

  • WithMe - MARS Model C

    Model C

    A customer lounge gives shoppers a place to relax and charge their devices while they immerse themselves in your brand and shop your store.

  • WithMe - MARS Model D

    Model D

    Elevate your brand image with this modern reinvention of the traditional retail cart. Flexible and elegant, this space is perfect for all types of retail.

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Build brands, not stores.

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